Immediate Benefits and Bottom Line Improvements


The Green Earth Energy team is proud to introduce a one-stop optimization program that carries the load and responsibilities of co-coordinating the many trades needed to complete the task and replaces this with a team concept and a single source contact point.

To this we add the unique optimization solution proven to not only reduce well treatment programs but also increases production levels and profit.

And; if that is not enough to peak your interest, Green Earth Optimization also brings with it unique financing opportunities so that you don't carry the full front-load costs associated with your program.

Here is how we do it.

Phase 1

  • We analyze wells for improvement opportunities

  • Recommend appropriate mechanical, electronic and chemical stimulation plan to increase production and reduce down-time and revenue loss

  • Submit pricing

  • Manage first time performance improvements including installation of mechanical systems, chemical stimulation to overcome any identified down-hole issues and install approved SCADA systems.

Phase 2

  • Regularly review any SCADA information and submit reports to cleint

  • Green Earth will submit, manage & perform an on-going maintenance plan to ensure optimum production flow for each well after Phase 1 improvements are completed.

  • Maintenance plan will include regular service for installed mechanical systems and where required, Green Earth will manage scheduled chemical dosing needed to maintain pressure and flow as well as any additional chemicals required to reduce/eliminate H2S issues, aid in demulsification and remove paraffin/asphaltene restricting flow in pipelines/tanks and other equipment

  • Green Earth also offers a site remediation service which mitigates environmental issues and maintains site appearance.

To this full service well optimization package, Green Earth adds the significant benefits arising from the use of safe, non-toxic and readily biodegradable chemicals rather than use of caustic, highly flammable, high VOC and cancer causing agents now prevalent in the industry.

Chemical treatments available through the Green Earth program include:

  • Paraffin/Asphaltene remediation from downhole, pipelines and tanks

  • Downhole scale removal

  • De-foaming agents

  • Demulsification chemicals

  • Well Condensate Remover

  • Oil Storage Tank Cleaner

  • H2S Remover