Driven By The Environment


At the heart of Green Earth products is the science of colloidal chemistry where minute particles of plant and mineral based ingredients are blended together to create proprietary colloidal micelle solutions.
 A single micelle (our active ingredient), is about the size of 10 -20 hydrogen atoms (1 – 4 nano-meters).  To provide a sense of scale, a human hair is approximately 50—100,000 nano-meters in width.  At these sizes, the ingredients take on new properties including changes to colour and to their physical appearance.
 All Green Earth ingredients are bio based and can include coconut oil, garlic, walnut oil, soybeans, thyme, peppermint, canola, palm oil, etc. as well as a variety of fatty acids, organic alcohol and amino acids.  The manufacturing formulas are very precise and include the introduction of each ingredient blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences.  The result is best described as "colloidal micelles."
 At a molecular level, the reaction between micelle poles change to where a negative attracts a negative and positive is attracted to a positive.  Each micelle has a hydrophilic (water seeking) pole and a hydrophobic (water repelling) pole.
 Hydrophobic poles attract each other and form the interior of the micelle.
Hydrophilic poles form a tough outer surface.
As micelle come into contact with a hydrocarbon, fat or grease molecule, the center of the micelle bonds to a similar hydrophobic hydrocarbon, fat or grease molecule.
The result is a disruption in the attraction to the other hydrocarbon molecules and/or to the surface. 
This action allows for the hydrocarbon molecule to more easily disengage from the surface it is attached to.
With billions of micelle in use, the molecules now suspended in the micelle liquid are easily able to penetrate sticky materials such as fat, oil & grease (FOG) and lift them from the surface they are attached to.  The result is a rapid separation, lower application rates and extended periods between reapplication.
 The incredibly powerful action from a diluted solution is a result of the surface area to volume ratio of active ingredients.  A simple explanation is the impact that comes from breaking a solid product such as wood into smaller and smaller pieces.  While a solid piece of wood can absorb some liquids, as the wood is cut into smaller and smaller pieces and inevitably becomes sawdust or smaller, the greater surface areas that are now exposed to the liquid increases its ability to absorb moisture .
If the wood is shaved to molecular sizes, the ability of that wood to absorb moisture is again exponentially greater.