Driven By The Environment & Your Budget


Green Earth remediation processes eliminate the many costly and commonly used methods now in use.  Gone are the headaches and oversight associated with excavation, trucking, disposal costs and environmental fees.

Green Earth`s proprietary chemical solution is an in-situ process where custom designed, environmentally safe and friendly chemicals destroy everything from diesel fuels and gasoline, creosote, benzene and other refined products all the way to crude oil and bitumen.  Problems are solved where the problem occurred.

The Green Earth soils remediation program:

  • Clean soil projects include  the distribution of readily biodegradable, renewable chemicals as a topical inoculation or injected directly into the contaminated soils.  Chemicals will not harm the environment nor will they alter or damage resident microbial activity. 

  • The resulting by-products include water, oxygen and small amounts of carbon dioxide.

  • Topical treatments are designed to accelerate contaminant decomposition by changing  their characteristics so as to be more readily available to naturally occurring microbial activity.  Results are noticeable within days but final resolution times are dependent on concentrations of contaminants, seasonal temperatures and geography.

  • Remediation involving subsurface contaminants require chemical injection with a combination of  biological surfactants and co-solvent blends directly at the site.  Using this methodology, contaminants are typically remediated in 7—10 days and any environmentally safe unspent Green Earth chemicals in the soil will remain inert until  such time as new contaminants re-occur.  At that point, chemicals respond with further action.

The Green Earth water remediation program:

  • Water body remediation (both aquifer and surface water) includes the circulation of non-hazardous bio-based chemicals through the contaminated body of water. Contaminants are converted to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

  • Complete remediation period depends on the extent of contamination and circulation efforts.

  • Green Earth renewable ingredient chemicals are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and readily biodegradable.