This non-flammable and environmentally friendly anti-foam product exhibits exceptional characteristics in surface foam knock-down and in releasing entrained air.  Its proven performance is highlighted by the 0-0-0-0 hazard rating.

Green Earth’s Anti-Foam is effective at both high and low temperature ranges and it is non-flammable.  No special safety precautions are needed in working with this product as there are no adverse effects known to occur when in direct contact with it,


This water soluble powder utilizes anti-corrosion preventative technology for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum.

It creates a durable non-molecular inhibiting layer on all metal surfaces

Green Earth's Boiler Treatment is all you really need for optimizing operations and simplifying maintenance of boiler systems.

This complete multi-function product can be used in hot water, cooling and industrial water systems and formulated to reduce efficiency losses caused by scale, corrosion dissolved oxygen and pitting in water systems.

Boiler treatment addresses:

  • The control and removal of calcium and magnesium hardness

  • Ensures that any present or precipitated suspended fluids remain fluid and in suspension

  • Controls dissolved oxygen

  • Controls pH to allow needed chemical reactions to occur

  • Bacteria & Algae control

Bitumen Buster

Bitumen from heavy oil sand mines, asphalt and other tar like products are one of the most difficult hydrocarbon products to safely separate from substrates.


Green Earth’s Bitumen Buster is an exceptional product with a proven ability to lift these deposits off of steel, fiberglass and plastics in only minutes after application.

Casing Cleaner

Casing Cleaner is a revolutionary, non-toxic, bio-based colloidal solution that simplifies removal of residuals from the well bore and used for the maintenance of oil, gas and water wells.


Conventional methods of removing oil-based filter-cake include multiple treatments using a variety of enzymes, mineral acids and oxidizers in an effort to rid the well bore of residue.

Calcium, lime and rust are insidious threats to efficient and trouble free operations.  The continued battle to minimize consequences of build-up includes a litany of traditionally used acids and caustic chemicals intended to rout out the problem.  The first or initial cost for traditional chemical and acid use is expensive but, the long term, life-cycle costs including special work safe programs and ventilation equipment, environmental fees and, transportation and disposal fees can be easily double the initial material costs.

Green Earth’s Calcium, Lime & Rust Control is an incredibly powerful ally in the battle to overcome these problems.  Made from a variety of plant and mineral ingredients, this product easily meets the problems head on as a straight replacement to traditional chemicals and acids, but does so without the many dangerous side-effects.

The SDS (Safety Data Sheet) highlights major differences to conventional agents by achieving an enviable 0-0-0-0 hazard rating.